Immersive content state of the nation – is the game changing?

Following a roller coaster year for the virtual reality industry, our panel of experts examine the state of the market, headset sales, how broadcasters and movie studios are joining tech giants in battle for VR’s future and where augmented reality fits into the year ahead for immersive content and storytellers.

Chair  John Cassy
Factory 42

Mike McGee
Chief Creative Officer

Zillah Watson
Editorial lead on future content and storytelling projects

Paul Brown
General Manager
VIVE Europe

Leila Martine
Director of New Device Experiences

Neil Graham
Executive Producer

Interactive VR/AR – ten secrets of success for 2018

Our panel of leading VR/AR visionaries discuss the latest creative advancements in interactive VR/AR and share their secrets for success in 2018. The panel will spotlight some of the best content currently being made, and reveal what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to some of their own projects.

Chair Dave Ranyard
Dream Reality

Kim-Leigh Pontin
Creative Interaction Director

Brynley Gibson
Head of Studios

Resh Sidhu
Digital Creative Director

Jed Ashforth
Realised Realities

Artificial creativity

The artificially intelligent computer that will write your scripts, edit your promos and compete in your game shows – IBM super computer Watson and how it is changing the face of creativity

Ali Davis
Industry leader for Telco, Media and Entertainment

360 films – Ten secrets of success for 2018

A panel of leading figures from the world of 360 film give their verdict on the things creators need to do to survive and thrive in 2018. They reveal what the essentials are in pushing the boundaries of high quality content in order to ensure you are able to turn your vision into a commercial reality in 2018

Chair Mária Rakušanová
Director of VR and New Media
Raindance Film Festival

David Wise
Parable VR

Adam Bracegirdle
Creative Director

Cory Key
VP of VR

Avril Furness
independent film maker

Brand value in a virtual world

This panel looks at how leading creatives from brands and advertisers continue to experiment and evolve creative ideas in order to deepen emotional engagement with their audiences and drive profits.

Chair Karen Boswell
Interactive Lead
Adam and Eve

Franki Goodwin
Creative Director
Saatchi & Saatchi

Adam Grint
Creative Director
The Mill

Richard Agnew
Global PR Director, Product
Jaguar Land Rover

Abi Smith
Creative Director

Sony PSVR – opportunities for creators on the world’s bestselling high-end VR platform

Sony PlayStation – everything you need to know about the leading interactive VR platform’s move into non-game VR experiences, what type of content they are looking for and how creators can work with them


Nick Rooke
Director of Developer Relations

Augmented reality is a game changer

It’s the new, new thing but what does it actually mean, how do you make it and what are the creative and commercial applications. Our group of experts talk you through what is happening right now and what is just around the corner

Greg Ivanov
Business Development
Google Play and Android

Liam Walsh
Creative Technology Director
Nexus Interactive Arts

Marvyn Harrison
Content and Services Manager

Mark Knowles-Lee

The road to blockbuster VR

Three of the world’s leading figures in VR talk about the work they are doing with the Hollywood studios to take VR mainstream

Sol Rogers
Founder & CEO

Micke Hjorth

David Karlak